Blizzard Bag

Blizzard Bag for 7 February 2017

Work on your compromises project and share with me what you have done.

Your British government was right essay is due tomorrow.  See the comments I made on the Notes and Make Up page.  Feel free to submit the essay to me today so I can provide feedback.  We will have library time for the project tomorrow, and that will be the only class time for the project.
Your worksheet on the project is also due tomorrow.  If you forget what that it is here is a link to the handout.  compromises questions homework

Enjoy the Blizzard Bag Day.

Do not do this one.

Industrialization Blizzard Bag

Define these words.  I should have some suggested websites soon.

    vertical integration
    horizontal integration
       I do not like the book's definition for the above two words.
    economies of scale

    four factors of production
Use this link for the factors of production.


Read this article on socialism and answer the questions.

Here are the questions for the socialism article

Read this article on the populists and answer the questions.

Here are the questions for the populism article

You might have to look up the meaning of some of the words in the articles.  Email me any questions you have.

Come to class tomorrow and then we are off to the library for the inventions project.

The ice cutting article in now due Thursday the 24th.

Ignore these Blizzard Bag assignments.

Compromises Blizzard Bag

Revolution battles blizzard bag

Iwo Jima blizzard bag

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